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It's true, OpenID™ single sign-on can make your life simpler, let you get more done in less time. One username with one password logs you in to thousands of sites.


Until now, your OpenID™ has been mostly limited to sites where the consequences of inauthenticity are limited. If an impostor sets up an OpenID in your name, your reputation may be affected but the site doesn't lose money. That's just the way it is on the outdoor Information Highway.

Welcome! You've been brought to us by a registered enrollment agency, which is sponsoring your enrollment.

This sponsorship entitles you to a provisional identity certificate, which attests to a minimal degree of identity verification. You may use the certificate's accompanying private key to digitally sign messages and files, and you may use it to decrypt files sent to you by anyone who has your public key.

The provisional certificate is suitable for use by members of close circles of acquaintances and colleagues. Your relying parties may require a higher level of identity verification, in which case your provisional identity certificate will serve as the starting point for the process of generating a Val-ID™ certificate or a or Digital Birth Certificate™.

After your provisional certificate is issued you will be given an opportunity to proceed with the Val-ID or Digital Birth Certificate enrollment procedure.



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